“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci.

My outreach work seeks to further professionalize European public affairs by communicating scientific insights in simple and practical terms. I rely on academic research and principles for optimizing, democratizing and standardizing public affairs processes and strategies. To this end, I am active in the public affairs scene as a public speaker, advisor and workshop organizer. My invited talks revolve around topics such as lobbying strategies, political influence, measuring advocacy success or on developing a “public affairs plan”. I regularly convene outreach workshops or facilitate exchanges between public affairs professionals, academics and students in Brussels and Maastricht. My advisory work ranges from reviewing public affairs strategies, supervising and evaluating policy/practice oriented research to training and mentoring (young) professionals. You can contact me or my colleagues from UM Campus Brussels for information and requests regarding keynote talks, workshops or consultancy assignments.

In my outreach work, I have cooperated with organizations such as: 

  • Oxfam Novib
  • 11.11.11
  • Rud Pedersen
  • Political Intelligence
  • The Public Affairs Council
  • EIPA – European Institute of Public Administration
  • RAND Corporation
  • Hogeschool Odisee
  • Berenschot
  • Nacht van de Lobbyist

To disseminate my research findings to professionals, journalists, students and the wider public, I regularly communicate via social media, blogs and press contacts. You can find a selection of my blogs and news media contributions below.

Nacht van de Lobbyist
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